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Teen Scene


The Teen Scene is hosted by Inward Bound Mindfulness Education (iBme), a non-profit dedicated to helping young people experience a deeper sense of connection and belonging with themselves, others and the natural world. The Teen Scene Lounge provides teens with a place of their own on the festival grounds that is comfortable, safe and fun. This is an environment for young people to experience being present for themselves and for being seen and heard authentically by others.

Teens can participate in a number of activities, including:

  • Collage journaling, a unique tool for self-expression, which gives teens the opportunity to discover their inner creative voice (more details below)
  • Juggling Dojo Classes~ Learn to juggle without struggle! The juggling masters of the Juggling Dojo weave together juggling, song and rhythm in their teaching and performance. These emissaries in the art of Flow will guide and inspire you in the art of dancing with gravity. The Juggling Dojo invites you into the adventure of playing towards a world that works for everyone!
  • Chill zones with couches and snacks where teens can create their own space within the busy-ness of festival life.
  • Real Talk with Teens~ A presentation and facilitated discussion by licensed addictions counselor and mindfulness educator, Joe Klein.
  • Mindfulness activities, such as Qi Gong and meditation, to get the teens’ day started well.
  • Drumming workshops, featuring FloydFest Teen Scene veteran Minerva
  • Upcycle T-Shirt Workshop
  • Raising Voices in the Garden of Song workshops~ Join us in the adventure of vocal empowerment. In the garden of song we encourage and dare each other to sing boldly and listen closely. Our voices will take flight as we sing a rich mix of chants, rounds and freedom songs.  Participants will leave this garden party with vital song seeds to sow amongst friends and neighbors! All voices are welcome. If you can talk, you can sing.
  • Teen Open Mic and more!


FloydFest Teen Scene Schedule

Collage Journaling: Express and Savor Your Life and FloydFest Memories

This year we will have visiting artist Josh Copus leading daily sessions on collage journaling for teens, many of whom have grown up attending FF most years of their lives. Blank journals, magazines and art supplies will be available for teens to create a visual record of their life and their FF experiences through the years. Teens will be encouraged to bring pictures of their childhood and favorite FF memories to be added to their collage journals.(a printer will be available for pictures to be downloaded from cell phones, FB pages, etc). Floyd native, Josh Copus, has used this creative method of mixed media journaling to process and chronicle his life experiences since he was a teen and will have many of his over 25 journals on hand.  He will guide teens in learning to express, reflect and creatively encode their experiences in journals they can take with them and continue using at home.

Collage_Josh“A couple of the really cool things about Collage Journals are: a lot of kids don’t think they’re artistic, because they are scared of not being good at art.  Since the journaling methodology is largely based on collaging images, most people lower their defenses about it. Another thing is the written component.  I spend a lot of time writing in my journals and then immediately gluing something over what I’ve just written.  Initially people don’t understand this, because our culture tends to be product not process driven.  The journals are primarily process based.  When I write something down on the page and glue over it, it doesn’t mean it’s gone.  It’s still there, it’s just underneath but I never cover it fully, because I want to leave that little glimpse as a reminder of those feelings.   For me it’s no less important.  I went through the process of getting it out and most of the time that’s all I needed from those words.  Sometimes it feels even more important.  The words underneath make the page what it is, like how my experiences make me who I am.  When someone meets me, they don’t see all of that, but in a way they do without fully knowing it, because it’s what’s underneath that makes me who I am.  I think that part of it will be appealing to teens, because they can say what they feel, get it out, and then cover it up.  They know what they said, but they don’t risk someone else knowing.  Like your own private confessional. Mainly, it’s just a lot of fun.” ~ Josh Copus

About iBme

Joe Klein, is the founder of Inward Bound Mindfulness Education (iBme). He has over 20 years experience working with youth as an educator, counselor and soccer coach. Joe brings playfulness and a whole body experiential integration to his work with young people. He is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified Substance Abuse Counselor and a long term practitioner of mindfulness meditation, yoga and Chinese internal martial arts. Joe teaches a graduate level course on mindfulness and social emotional learning (SEL) for teachers, social workers, nurses and counselors at Radford University and also co-leads retreats on “Mindfulness as Self-Care” for parents, students and helping professionals in Southwest Virginia.

Inward Bound Mindfulness Education (iBme) is dedicated to improving the lives of teens, parents and professionals through mindfulness retreats and outreach programs. What we do can be described as inner education. On retreat and in school and community settings, participants learn life-long skills that help them gain a deeper awareness and understanding of their mind and body. Our participants learn to cultivate more kindness and compassion towards themselves, others, and the natural world. These are skills that have many proven benefits, and most importantly they teach us how to embrace and enjoy our lives.