FloydFest 13
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What are the basic details for ADA patrons?

While FloydFest is still a rural outdoor festival held in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia (in what used to be a cow field), we strive to make the site available to as many music fans as possible. In 2014 we continue to work toward making the FloydFest site as accessible as possible to all of our patrons, including those with disabilities. We’ve moved our ADA information tent to a more central location, set aside more parking and camping areas, and have increased the number of handicapped accessible port-o-johns. New in 2014!-We will have ADA Camping Hosts to ensure that all of the above are addressed and implemented.  If you would like to reserve a space, please contact Elaine at ebraley@atwproductions.com or (888) VA-FESTS ext. 1.

What is the procedure for an ADA patron upon arrival?

Having an ADA onsite parking pass does not grant early admittance; please review your admission ticket for further instructions on arrival/departure times.  ADA ONSITE parking pass holders will be sent check-in instructions to your email address in advance of FloydFest. For the individuals who did not get a pre-paid ONSITE parking pass please proceed to ALPHA Lot.   A golf cart shuttle will assist those in need.  We appreciate your patience during peak shuttling times.  Please note these privileges are offered to individuals with a state-issued ADA hang tag/placard.

Is there ADA parking?

Onsite handicapped parking tickets are pre-sold to enable us to allocate as much space as possible to accommodate those with special needs.    ADA parking will also be available in ALPHA (fee charged upon arrival).  A state issued handicapped placard is required to purchase and use a handicapped parking space.  Once onsite, if you need assistance getting to the main festival area, please tell the check-in personnel at the gate or the ADA information tent, and they will call a shuttle to assist you.  Please note there may be delays for the shuttle during peak times.

What assistance is there for getting around the FloydFest site?

After a successful first year, we will be bringing back (and increasing) the ADA shuttles to assist patrons with special needs to negotiate the FloydFest site.  If you are in need of transport, simply find any FloydFest staff member with a radio and ask them to call for a ride.  Please remember there will be delays for the shuttle during peak times.

What are ADA camping options?

With the FloydFest site being in the mountains, level spaces are precious and few! We have set aside a few designated spaces near the Camp Store and ADA Headquarters.  Please send an e-mail to Elaine at ebraley@atwproductions.com, if you are interested in, and truly need, one of these spaces.  These privileges are offered to individuals with a state-issued ADA hang tag/placard.  A Tent Tag must be purchased to reserve these spaces.

What is the policy on re-entry for ADA onsite vehicles?

Feel free to come and go from the FloydFest site throughout the weekend. We cannot guarantee that you will receive the same parking space but a space will still be available upon your return.