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Parking FAQ


What is Alpha Lot?

Alpha Lot is where all General Admission ticket holders (single and multi day) go to check in and park with the exception of those patrons who purchased a Bravo Lot offsite park-and-camp ticket or a RV Delta Lot ticket. A parking fee will be assessed upon arrival at Alpha Lot.

What! No RVs or X-SPOT onsite?

Every year FloydFest strives to tackle top patron issues, and camping is one of the biggies. 2014 is the year for Revolutionary thought coupled with action. In an attempt to produce a BIG music festival and maintain the intimate vibe our patrons crave, we have removed onsite RVs but have increased available RV spaces in Delta Lot, and park-and-camp spaces in adjacent Bravo Lot.  (Note:  Any RV you see onsite is a working office.)

What is considered an RV?

By our standards, an RV is a motor vehicle or trailer equipped with living space and amenities found in a home. Standard cars may not purchase a RV space and set up tents in the vicinity. You must have a “recreational vehicle” to purchase a RV parking ticket. The tow vehicle must fit within space provided.

How late do shuttles run?

Shuttles run from 9AM-2 AM. A passenger van with very limited seating will be available on a case by case basis after 2 AM.

Where is parking prohibited?

Parking is prohibited along the Blue Ridge Parkway and/or any State Maintained Right of Way (travel surface, shoulders or any other areas) because it is designated as State or Federal land.

What is a V-Dub Camping Pass?

We honor our Volkswagoneers!  A limited number of V-Dub park-and-camp passes are available to those with any kind of VW van, and include designated park-and-camp spot in the Global Village Area. Please check out the Ticketing Page for more information