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Revolution Redux!

Revolution- from the Latin revolution, “a turnaround”; a fundamental change in power or organizational structures that takes place over a relatively short period of time.

Change- truly the only constant in our rapid-fire world of information exchange. Accepting this fundamental reality, is it not our duty to influence that change positively? To chart the course, rally the crew, and charge our captains with breaking through the barrier of outmoded constraints into waters of new potential and possibility?

For it is not by the calm seas and sunny skies that our mettle is tested, but by our ability to navigate through turbulence and yet stay the course we believe to be true…

Having set the scene, then, what does all this mean, in terms of FloydFest 13- Revolutionary!?!

It means that in pursuit of our mission to be the BEST MUSIC FESTIVAL experience of our time, selling a limited quantity of tickets to the highest quality event experience, bar none, celebrating music, art, and life in an intimate, visually stunning environment,” we are upping the ante.

We received over 1000 survey responses, and we are giving you what you’ve been asking for. We have decreased our ticket capacity for FloydFest 2014 by 1300 weekend tickets. Moreover, towards creating a more comfortable camping environment for the mass of FloydFest patrons, and as well to improve the aesthetics and environmental impact on our event site, we have removed all X-spot and on-site RV parking, and are offering ‘tent tags’ as an add-on to our ‘staycationer” 4-day (or new 5-day!) General Admission ticket. To accommodate our displaced RV’er demographic, we are increasing our off-site park-and-camp offerings, as well as extending arrival and departure options – plan to come as early as Tuesday, make camp, and explore the beautiful Blue Ridge and transition relaxedly into your FloydFest experience. Plus, ALL multiday purchasers are welcome to stay through Monday! At FloydFest, our ‘youth-culture’ is still a welcome addition, with nominally priced 12-and-under tickets, and our “HighRoller” crowd, (traditionally “VIP”) will find that the long list of amenities and services have only increased. Our goal is to create the ultimate boutique musical event experience, and provide every attendee with an inspired, yet safe and comfortable environment that they enjoy.

So consider this email your ‘Revolution-preparedness’ guide. And for all people who may find all of this ‘Revolutionizing’ a bit intimidating, lettuce throw you a lifeline. We all know that tauk is cheap, and while the river of revolution runs deep, it’s the soundtrack to that revolution that motivates the masses. We overstand that, and testify to hosting, in 2014, THE most Revolutionary line-up you will find at any musical event all year. So forget what you’ve herd. Forget all prior miseducation. Don’t fall for the hype, be a conspirator in your own personal revolution. Do what you love, and love what you do. Say Yes! Embedded in this very paragraph are clues to our entire initial artist line-up, which is under-wraps until Monday’s newsletter announcement. So, steady-are-you-ready!?… get your duhks in a row, call a Buddy, and piece together the clues lickety-split (hint: all clues are in the form of either the artist or band name, album or song title, or well-known reference!) The first person to email info@floydfest.com accurately translating these clues into the list of 2014 performing artists wins a pair of FloydFest tickets! Good luck! That is, God willin’ and the creek don’t rise!GOOD LUCK!

Please read carefully through our accompanying link to Ticket Descriptions. Tickets go on sale Monday, November 18th at 10am. You are being sent this email in advance of the actual sales date in order to best plan your ticket purchase. Please note: starting now, we are basing our ticket sales structure on tiered quotas, rather than calendar dates- meaning there are a finite number of tickets available at the significant December discount rate we have always offered and then a finite amount for sale at the next fixed price, etc.In three short days, the Revolution will commence and it will *not* be televised!